Wednesday, 8 August 2012


Tomiko gets an order for a dominatrix, so she calls up a dom named Miss TIffany. She fits the stats the guy is looking for. In case she is a badass, Tomiko has a syringe witrh some potent stuff that is sure to send her to lala land. Sure enough she has to use it on her. She lifts and carries her and talks to the client to let him know she has his order. She limp plays with her then decides to lift and carry her up the stairs to her bedroom for some fun. She limp plays with has and gets excited. She wants to sample the goods, so she strips out of her clothes. Just when she starts to take off Miss Tiffany's clothes she hears the doorbell. Deciding that she can't keep the customer waiting, Tomiko lifts and carries Miss Tiffany still naked. She carries her down the stairs and delivers her to the customer. FETISH ELEMENTS: LIFT AND CARRY, LIMP FETISH, NUDITY, DOMINATION, ASIAN, BOOT FETISH.